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Quality Vacations

With 60+ Locations throughout the US and Caribbean, you're guaranteed to find your perfect destination with Capital Vacations.

At Capital Vacations, we believe in the importance of moments.

Capital Vacations is a professional resort development and management company with 60+ locations throughout the United States and Caribbean. Our mission is to create quality moments through vacation experiences.

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Through our Club Sales programs and Management Services we offer a variety of effective solutions for timeshare resorts.

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If you’re an owner with Capital Vacations, visit our dedicated owners website with everything you need to plan your next memory-packed getaway.

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We are growing! If you’re interested in a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry check out our available opportunities.

Locations span from Coastal Maine to the Caribbean Islands with a curated selection of beach, mountain and attraction-filled destinations in-between.

Latest News

A New View on Bucket List Travel

Typically, when you hear people mention their "bucket list" of vacation experiences, it's a list of specific places they want to visit in their lifetime. The Grand Canyon, New York City in Christmastime, Yellowstone National Park. But instead of specific places, your bucket list could be made up of the different types of vacations you want to experience. Then you could visit multiple places that fit these buckets. Here are a few ideas to get you started! Make sure to tell us which one is your favorite!

Take a Much-Needed Trip This Valentine's Day!

If you're like many people, the four walls of your home may feel like they're closing in on you. After a year spent at home, we're ALL a little antsy to get out again! But taking baby steps might be the best way to travel before jumping into a week-long vacation. If you're ready to take a much-needed trip, how about planning something for Valentine's Day? This annual celebration of love is on Sunday this year, and it's the perfect time for a romantic getaway, maybe even an exciting three-day weekend! Here are a few tips to make your V-Day trip a success.

National Plan for Vacation Day is Coming!

Each year, the U.S Travel Association celebrates "National Plan for Vacation Day" and this year it's taking place on Tuesday, January 26. This day is dedicated to encouraging and helping Americans plan out their vacation days for the coming year.