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Capital Vacations Leadership Team Welcomes Eric Assam

Kelley E.

Assam joins Capital Vacations as Executive Vice President of Operations

Myrtle Beach, SC - Capital Vacations, a leading provider of sales and management services in the Vacation Ownership Industry, announced today that Eric Assam has joined their leadership team as the Executive Vice President of Operations.

Capital Vacations develops and sells its own Club product with 27 current locations while facilitating full service resort management services for 44 additional independent resorts. This results in a total of 71 resorts under management in the US and Caribbean.

We are excited to welcome Eric as he brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and creative insight into the development and marketing of vacation club products. The things that Eric has already accomplished for this industry are astounding and we can't wait to see the value he brings to Capital Vacations and all of our managed resorts.

- Travis Bary, Capital Vacations COO

Capital Vacations is a nimble, flexible company and with companies like that there is a true opportunity to create innovative and unique products. We are going to be able to do some big things that can revolutionize the relationship between Club products and legacy resorts, two of the things Capital Vacations specializes in.

- Eric Assam, Capital Vacations EVP Operations

The addition of Assam to the Capital Vacation's leadership team will allow for increased growth and new products that will create more memorable vacations for their customers.

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