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  • The Top 5 Travel Trends in 2021
    December 14, 2020

    Many things have changed over the past year, and travel trends are no exception. Multi-family vacations have been traded for quiet, single family getaways, more families are choosing road trips over air travel, and remote work means the office can be a beachfront condo! Let's take a look at the top five travel trends of 2021.

  • New Year Travel Planning
    December 11, 2020

    2021 will be a year of restoration, hope and healing. Why not dream big as you plan your next vacation getaway? Capital Vacations has 68 destinations to choose from. Which one will you visit this year?

  • Debunking Timeshare Myths
    November 30, 2020

    Whether you're considering vacation ownership for your family, or you're a seasoned vacation owner, you have probably heard or read horror stories from the timeshare world. Of course, no industry is perfect, and there's always room for growth, but at Capital Vacations, we strive to help you set aside your doubts and have an opportunity to vacation both at the timeless resorts you love, as well as around the world through the Capital Vacations Club. Read on as we put to rest some of the tired, negative timeshare myths that persist in the Internet age.

  • 5 Benefits of Vacation Ownership
    November 25, 2020

    If you're trying to decide between taking your vacation lifestyle to the next level with timeshare ownership or continuing to pay fluctuating, high-costs for tiny hotel rooms, this article is for you. From providing a wide range of accommodations and in-unit amenities to delivering flexible travel options to feeling like a part of the resort family at your vacation home-away-from-home, owning your vacation time just-makes sense! Read on to explore five benefits of vacation ownership with Capital Vacations.

  • Best Carry-On Luggage For Your Holiday Travels
    November 24, 2020

    The phrase "Keep Calm, Carry On" takes on a whole new meaning this holiday season, as travelers gear up for their holiday travels. With Thanksgiving and the winter festivities quickly approaching, make sure you have the best carry-on luggage to keep you on track for an unforgettable vacation this holiday season. Read on for our top picks for 2020's top carry-on luggage options.

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